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An Affiliate of OAUG

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Liz Hahn


Hahn Associates, LLC

Steve Sexton 

Vice President 

Project Partners 

Rangadham Ayyadevara

Collaborative SIG Liaison  

Hitachi Consulting

Kwambe Smith 

Partner Liaison and Coordinator 

Position Description

Duties include working with the other SIGs to plan and execute the collaborative SIG sessions at Collaborate and to assist in gathering material for webinars from other SIGs that would be of value to the PA SIG.


Membership Programs and Services Coordinator 

Position Description

Duties include soliciting topics for quarterly meetings and getting people to present for those topics.  Facilitate meetings with Partner Liaison and Coordinator.   Make sure our members have current information in their profiles and assist in growing the membership (which is a duty for all board members).

Jamie Dillard

Product and Solution Specialist/ Website Manager

TMEIC Corporation

Position Description

Duties include keeping up to date on new features and functionality released for Oracle Projects and to work with the Membership Programs and Services Coordinator to inform the SIG Membership of these features and how customers are using them.  Inform the SIG Membership of best practices of how Projects is being used.

Laura Curth 



Position Description

Duties include taking meeting minutes of the board, to schedule board meetings and to work with the Membership Programs and Services Coordinator, the Partner Liaison and Coordinator and the Production and Solution Specialist to schedule quarterly meetings and assist in facilitating these meetings.


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